At FILMGUY Ltd. I'm delighted to produce a wide range of videos.
Here is a selection of some of my favourite productions.

Kickstarter Campaign

HeartBit is a heart monitoring system for sports enthusiasts. This performance activewear monitors the heart's stress levels and delivers advanced insights into heart health.

FILMGUY Ltd. produced a series of videos for the product Kickstarter campaign.  See also: Promo and Behind the Scenes.

National Teaching Awards Promo

The Teaching Awards Trust was established to recognise and celebrate excellence in education, which they do in part through the annual National Teaching Awards. 

This promotional video launched the campaign to seek out nominees for the 2022 awards.

Verified Showcase -
Cannes Lions Awards

'Verified' was launched by the United Nations and Purpose in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It's a global campaign that aims to deliver 'life-saving information, fact-based advice and stories from the best of humanity.'


FILMGUY Ltd. created this video showcase as part of an entry into the prestigious Cannes Lions Awards 2021.

National Thank
A Teacher Day

Blue Peter's Adam Beales launches 2021's National Thank a Teacher Day on the CBBC website and in school assemblies across the country.

Luxury Real Estate Showcase

This incredible luxury home on the South Coast of England features a basement cinema with private bar and a wine cellar with a window that looks onto the garage car lift - because where else would you park your Ferrari?


This luxury real estate film was commissioned by Dream Design Interiors and LMA Architects.

Royal Wessex Yeomanry

Christmas Service

Following the success of their online service of remembrance (below), the Royal Wessex Yeomanry took their festive message online too.

Join the Padre, Commanding Officer and RSM as they tell the story of 'A COVID Christmas', written by Reverend Rachel Dale. Featuring members of B Squadron who sing the hymn 'O Come All Ye Faithful'.


United Nations

As the first COVID-19 vaccines began to be given The United Nations asked: 'How will we recover after the pandemic?' Will we return to old ways or decide together that something better is possible?

FILMGUY Ltd. edited this film in collaboration with a team of creatives around the world, working together through Purpose LLC.

Royal Wessex Yeomanry

Service of Remembrance

Determined to bring the regiment together in remembrance during a pandemic that demanded social restrictions, the Royal Wessex Yeomanry took their service online.

Join the Padre, Commanding Officer and RSM in this special, socially distanced service of remembrance.


ONE Campaign

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, ONE tirelessly campaigned for the equitable distribution of a vaccine across the globe. With #PassTheMic they asked celebrities to hand over their social media accounts to experts on the pandemic.


FILMGUY Ltd. worked with the Washington DC team to edit dozens of films for the campaign.

The Case
Luke Pearson & Faye Bishop

Luke Pearson and Faye Bishop explore the relationship between two lawyers in this tense power play.

Ex. Wessex Breach
British Army

The Royal Wessex Yeomanry, the UK's Armoured Reserve regiment, conduct urban operations on Salisbury Plain Training Area.

'Invasion Kent'
Napoleonic Association

The arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte on England's south east coast marks the beginning of 'Invasion Kent', a series of historical re-enactment events by the Napoleonic Association.

Office Morality
Faye Bishop & Simon Robins

Faye Bishop and Simon Robins' relationship becomes repugnant as they clash over their different ideas on morality.

'Road to Waterloo'
Napoleonic Association

The forces of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington clash in this action packed trailer for a historical re-enactment by the Napoleonic Association.


'I want to use tuk-tuks to help the environment'

A young couple hope to reduce the impact of tourism on the Isle of Wight by introducing a fleet of tuk-tuk's to the island. 


'Fishing isn't an old man's sport'

Marina Gibson, a fly fishing guide from Yorkshire, wants to encourage more women and young people into the sport and is raising awareness of the prejudice faced by some anglers.


Dr Becky: The YouTube Astrophysicist

Among the millions of channels on YouTube is 'Dr Becky', an astrophysicist who wants to encourage others into STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Collaboration with Emily Ford


'I took an internship at a monastery'

Josh Caminiti, a 23-year-old from Canada, took part in an eight-week monastic internship at Quarr Abbey, a Catholic Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of Wight. 

Collaboration with Ben Moore


'I've never had the wish to dress normally'

Zack Pinsent is an inspiring young tailor from Brighton, whose identity became his business.

Collaboration with Ben Moore


'A stranger tried to kill me on the Tube'

Tobias French was about to get the Tube home when a stranger attempted to push him into the path of an oncoming train.


The local council with a female majority

Reading Borough Council is one of only a few in England that has a female majority of councillors. But does gender make a difference in local politics?


'My attacker watched me burn'

Joe Davies' world was turned upside down when a friend that he had looked up to attacked him with acid following a disagreement in July 2017.


How Great Escape veteran was foiled

A former RAF flight lieutenant has described the "shattering" moment he realised his attempt to flee a World War Two prisoner of war camp during 'The Great Escape' was thwarted.


'Fixing cars helps to mend my mind'

Ex-forces veterans with PTSD have found a lifeline at a garage that runs an apprenticeship scheme with a difference.


Piper raises £100,000 for charity in 10 years

Bagpiper Mark Bisset jokes that he's collected as many donations from people encouraging him to stop playing as he has from those delighted by his performances. 

Cancer beauty.jpg

Beauty workshops for cancer patients

A charity is gathering beauticians to help cancer patients with the physical side-effects of treatment, such as the loss of eyebrows. 

Royal Mail Busy.jpg

Behind the scenes: The Royal Mail's busiest week

The week before Christmas is the busiest time of year for Royal Mail, who process millions of letters and parcels a day.


The Christmas Tree at Windsor Castle

A 20ft Nordmann Fir tree cut from Windsor Great Park is the focal point of the Christmas decorations at Windsor Castle's state apartments.

B17 Highclere.jpg

The B17 Bomber crash at 'Downton Abbey'

In 1945, three days before VE day, an American B17 Flying Fortress with a crew of seven men crashed on the estate of Highclere Castle in Hampshire. Years later, the only survivor returned with his family.

Vegan Cats.jpg

Animal Welfare: Can cats be vegan?

Alongside a growing trend of veganism, more cat owners now want to share their animal-friendly values with their feline companions. Is it safe?

Great War Cello.jpg

Armistice Day: The Great War Cello

The story of a Cello that was played in London's West End, in Flanders during WW1 and in front of King George V at Buckingham Palace.

Guide Dog Puppies.jpg

How puppies are trained to become guide dogs

Around 1500 new guide dogs are trained each year. The BBC went to meet the next generation in the making.

Biscuit Tins.jpg

Biscuit Tin sex secrets revealed

An illustrator for some of Huntley and Palmers famous biscuit tins, explains why he hid naughty images on them.

Bayeux Tapestry.jpg

Why did the Victorians censor Bayeux Tapestry?

There's a copy of the Bayeux Tapestry in Reading Museum made by the Victorians. But why did they censor the naughty bits?

Homeless James.jpg

Homeless for a year: James's Story

Homelessness in Windsor has gone up 38% according to government statistics. James shared his story.

Dog pub.jpg

Britain's most

dog-friendly pub

The Fox and Hounds pub in Theale, Berkshire, has been voted Britain's most dog-friendly pub by the Dog Friendly Awards and the Dog Friendly Pub Awards.

Holy Mcnish poem.jpg

'Cheeselog' celebrated for National Poetry Day

A poem about the word 'cheeselog', a term used by people in the English county of Berkshire to describe woodlice. Written and performed by Hollie McNish.

Dog Blood.jpg

'Dogs need to give blood too'

The Pet Blood Bank is encouraging dog owners to let their pets donate blood to help save others.

Thomas Hardy Altar.jpg

Hidden Thomas Hardy altarpiece revealed

An altarpiece designed by novelist Thomas Hardy, that had been hidden behind wooden panelling for nearly a century, has been discovered in a church in Windsor.